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Roger Alberto
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A Novel Organometallic Aqua Complex of Technetium for the Labeling of Biomolecules:  Synthesis of [99mTc(OH2)3(CO)3]+ from [99mTcO4]- in Aqueous …
R Alberto, R Schibli, A Egli, AP Schubiger, U Abram, TA Kaden
Journal of the American Chemical Society 120 (31), 7987-7988, 1998
Synthesis and Properties of Boranocarbonate:  A Convenient in Situ CO Source for the Aqueous Preparation of [99mTc(OH2)3(CO)3]+
R Alberto, K Ortner, N Wheatley, R Schibli, AP Schubiger
Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (13), 3135-3136, 2001
CORM‐A1: a new pharmacologically active carbon monoxide‐releasing molecule
R Motterlini, P Sawle, S Bains, J Hammad, R Alberto, R Foresti, CJ Green
The FASEB journal 19 (2), 1-24, 2005
Influence of the Denticity of Ligand Systems on the in Vitro and in Vivo Behavior of 99mTc(I)−Tricarbonyl Complexes:  A Hint for the Future Functionalization of …
R Schibli, R La Bella, R Alberto, E Garcia-Garayoa, K Ortner, U Abram, ...
Bioconjugate chemistry 11 (3), 345-351, 2000
Basic aqueous chemistry of [M (OH2) 3 (CO) 3]+(M= Re, Tc) directed towards radiopharmaceutical application
R Alberto, R Schibli, R Waibel, U Abram, AP Schubiger
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 190, 901-919, 1999
Stable one-step technetium-99m labeling of His-tagged recombinant proteins with a novel Tc (I)–carbonyl complex
R Waibel, R Alberto, J Willuda, R Finnern, R Schibli, A Stichelberger, ...
Nature biotechnology 17 (9), 897-901, 1999
Metal carbonyl syntheses XXII. Low-pressure carbonylation of [MOCl4]− and [MO4]−. The technetium (I) and rhenium (I) complexes [NEt4] 2 [MCl3 (CO) 3]
R Alberto, R Schibli, A Egli, PA Schubiger, WA Herrmann, G Artus, ...
Journal of organometallic chemistry 492 (2), 217-224, 1995
Technetium and rhenium: coordination chemistry and nuclear medical applications
U Abram, R Alberto
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 17, 1486-1500, 2006
First Application of f ac-[99mTc (OH2) 3 (CO) 3]+ in Bioorganometallic Chemistry: Design, Structure, and in Vitro Affinity of a 5-HT1A Receptor Ligand Labeled with 99mTc
R Alberto, R Schibli, AP Schubiger, U Abram, HJ Pietzsch, B Johannsen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 121 (25), 6076-6077, 1999
Steps toward High Specific Activity Labeling of Biomolecules for Therapeutic Application:  Preparation of Precursor [188Re(H2O)3(CO)3]+ and Synthesis of …
R Schibli, R Schwarzbach, R Alberto, K Ortner, H Schmalle, C Dumas, ...
Bioconjugate chemistry 13 (4), 750-756, 2002
Organometallic 99mTc-aquaion labels peptide to an unprecedented high specific activity
A Egli, R Alberto, L Tannahill, R Schibli, U Abram, A Schaffland, R Waibel, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 40 (11), 1913-1917, 1999
Vehicles, chelators, and radionuclides: choosing the “building blocks” of an effective therapeutic radioimmunoconjugate
PA Schubiger, R Alberto, A Smith
Bioconjugate chemistry 7 (2), 165-179, 1996
A Highly Stable Rhenium−Cobalt System for Photocatalytic H2 Production: Unraveling the Performance-Limiting Steps
B Probst, A Rodenberg, M Guttentag, P Hamm, R Alberto
Inorganic chemistry 49 (14), 6453-6460, 2010
Ligand Variations in [ReX(diimine)(CO)3] Complexes: Effects on Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction
P Kurz, B Probst, B Spingler, R Alberto
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2006 (15), 2966-2974, 2006
An Efficient Homogeneous Intermolecular Rhenium-Based Photocatalytic System for the Production of H2
B Probst, C Kolano, P Hamm, R Alberto
Inorganic chemistry 48 (5), 1836-1843, 2009
Photocatalytic H2 Production from Water with Rhenium and Cobalt Complexes
B Probst, M Guttentag, A Rodenberg, P Hamm, R Alberto
Inorganic chemistry 50 (8), 3404-3412, 2011
Reactions with the technetium and rhenium carbonyl complexes (NEt4) 2 [MX3 (CO) 3]. Synthesis and structure of [Tc (CN-But) 3 (CO) 3](NO3) and (NEt4)[Tc2 (μ-SCH2CH2OH) 3 (CO) 6]
R Alberto, R Schibli, PA Schubiger, U Abram, TA Kaden
Polyhedron 15 (7), 1079-1089, 1996
New paradigms for synthetic pathways inspired by bioorganometallic chemistry
G Jaouen, S Top, A Vessières, R Alberto
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 600 (1-2), 23-36, 2000
New derivatives of vitamin B12 show preferential targeting of tumors
R Waibel, H Treichler, NG Schaefer, DR van Staveren, S Mundwiler, ...
Cancer research 68 (8), 2904-2911, 2008
Mechanism of photocatalytic hydrogen generation by a polypyridyl-based cobalt catalyst in aqueous solution
A Rodenberg, M Orazietti, B Probst, C Bachmann, R Alberto, ...
Inorganic chemistry 54 (2), 646-657, 2015
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