Philip J. M. Johnson
Philip J. M. Johnson
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Two-dimensional spectroscopy of a molecular dimer unveils the effects of vibronic coupling on exciton coherences
A Halpin, PJM Johnson, R Tempelaar, RS Murphy, J Knoester, ...
Nature Chemistry 6 (3), 196-201, 2014
Local vibrational coherences drive the primary photochemistry of vision
PJM Johnson, A Halpin, T Morizumi, VI Prokhorenko, OP Ernst, RJD Miller
Nature Chemistry 7, 980-986, 2015
A compact and cost-effective hard X-ray free-electron laser driven by a high-brightness and low-energy electron beam
E Prat, R Abela, M Aiba, A Alarcon, J Alex, Y Arbelo, C Arrell, V Arsov, ...
Nature Photonics 14 (12), 748-754, 2020
Femtosecond-to-millisecond structural changes in a light-driven sodium pump
P Skopintsev, D Ehrenberg, T Weinert, D James, RK Kar, PJM Johnson, ...
Nature 583 (7815), 314-318, 2020
Enhancement and maximum in the isobaric specific-heat capacity measurements of deeply supercooled water using ultrafast calorimetry
H Pathak, A Späh, N Esmaeildoost, JA Sellberg, KH Kim, F Perakis, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (6), e2018379118, 2021
Stable UV to IR supercontinuum generation in calcium fluoride with conserved circular polarization states
PJM Johnson, VI Prokhorenko, RJ Miller
Optics Express 17 (24), 21488-21496, 2009
The Primary Photochemistry of Vision Occurs at the Molecular Speed Limit
PJM Johnson, MH Farag, A Halpin, T Morizumi, VI Prokhorenko, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (16), 4040-4047, 2017
Coherent control of the isomerization of retinal in bacteriorhodopsin in the high intensity regime
VI Prokhorenko, A Halpin, PJM Johnson, RJD Miller, LS Brown
Journal of Chemical Physics 134 (8), 085105, 2011
Hard X-ray transient grating spectroscopy on bismuth germanate
JR Rouxel, D Fainozzi, R Mankowsky, B Rösner, G Seniutinas, ...
Nature Photonics 15 (7), 499-503, 2021
Dynamics and mechanism of a light-driven chloride pump
S Mous, G Gotthard, D Ehrenberg, S Sen, T Weinert, PJM Johnson, ...
Science 375 (6583), 845-851, 2022
Ultrafast structural changes direct the first molecular events of vision
T Gruhl, T Weinert, MJ Rodrigues, CJ Milne, G Ortolani, K Nass, E Nango, ...
Nature 615 (7954), 939-944, 2023
Fast infrared spectroscopy of protein dynamics: advancing sensitivity and selectivity
KL Koziol, PJM Johnson, B Stucki-Buchli, SA Waldauer, P Hamm
Current opinion in structural biology 34, 1-6, 2015
The photocycle and ultrafast vibrational dynamics of bacteriorhodopsin in lipid nanodiscs
PJM Johnson, A Halpin, T Morizumi, LS Brown, VI Prokhorenko, OP Ernst, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (39), 21310-21320, 2014
Spin cascade and doming in ferric hemes: Femtosecond X-ray absorption and X-ray emission studies
C Bacellar, D Kinschel, GF Mancini, RA Ingle, J Rouxel, O Cannelli, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (36), 21914-21920, 2020
Azidohomoalanine: A Minimally Invasive, Versatile, and Sensitive Infrared Label in Proteins To Study Ligand Binding
C Zanobini, O Bozovic, B Jankovic, KL Koziol, PJM Johnson, P Hamm, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122 (44), 10118-10125, 2018
Laser-Limited Signatures of Quantum Coherence
R Tempelaar, A Halpin, PJM Johnson, J Cai, RS Murphy, J Knoester, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 120 (19), 3042-3048, 2016
The Speed of Allosteric Signaling Within a Single-Domain Protein
O Bozovic, J Ruf, C Zanobini, B Jankovic, D Buhrke, PJM Johnson, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12 (17), 4262-4267, 2021
Quantifying biomolecular recognition with site-specific 2D infrared probes
PJM Johnson, KL Koziol, P Hamm
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (10), 2280-2284, 2017
Enhanced bandwidth noncollinear optical parametric amplification with a narrowband anamorphic pump
PJM Johnson, VI Prokhorenko, RJD Miller
Optics Letters 36 (11), 2170-2172, 2011
Excited-State Vibronic Dynamics of Bacteriorhodopsin from Two-Dimensional Electronic Photon Echo Spectroscopy and Multiconfigurational Quantum Chemistry
S Gozem, PJM Johnson, A Halpin, HL Luk, T Morizumi, VI Prokhorenko, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (10), 3889-3896, 2020
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