Daniel Paredes-Sabja
Daniel Paredes-Sabja
Microbiota-Host Interaction & Clostridia Group
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Germination of spores of Bacillales and Clostridiales species: mechanisms and proteins involved
D Paredes-Sabja, P Setlow, MR Sarker
Trends in microbiology 19 (2), 85-94, 2011
Clostridium difficile spore biology: sporulation, germination, and spore structural proteins
D Paredes-Sabja, A Shen, JA Sorg
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D Paredes-Sabja, JA Torres, P Setlow, MR Sarker
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D Paredes-Sabja, P Setlow, MR Sarker
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Combined Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure, Temperature, and pH on the Inactivation of Spores of Clostridium perfringens Type A and Clostridium sporogenes in …
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D Paredes-Sabja, B Setlow, P Setlow, MR Sarker
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The Clostridium difficile exosporium cysteine (CdeC)-rich protein is required for exosporium morphogenesis and coat assembly
J Barra-Carrasco, V Olguín-Araneda, Á Plaza-Garrido, ...
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Inorganic Phosphate and Sodium Ions Are Cogerminants for Spores of Clostridium perfringens Type A Food Poisoning-Related Isolates
D Paredes-Sabja, P Udompijitkul, MR Sarker
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Clostridium difficile Spore-Macrophage Interactions: Spore Survival
D Paredes-Sabja, G Cofre-Araneda, C Brito-Silva, M Pizarro-Guajardo, ...
Public Library of Science 7 (8), e43635, 2012
Characterization of the collagen-like exosporium protein, BclA1, of Clostridium difficile spores
M Pizarro-Guajardo, V Olguín-Araneda, J Barra-Carrasco, C Brito-Silva, ...
Anaerobe 25, 18-30, 2014
Inhibitory effects of polyphosphates on Clostridium perfringens growth, sporulation and spore outgrowth
S Akhtar, D Paredes-Sabja, MR Sarker
Food microbiology 25 (6), 802-808, 2008
The protease CspB is essential for initiation of cortex hydrolysis and dipicolinic acid (DPA) release during germination of spores of Clostridium perfringens type A food …
D Paredes-Sabja, P Setlow, MR Sarker
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Protein composition of the outermost exosporium-like layer of Clostridium difficile 630 spores
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Clostridium difficile spores: a major threat to the hospital environment
J Barra-Carrasco, D Paredes-Sabja
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Proteases and sonication specifically remove the exosporium layer of spores of Clostridium difficile strain 630
K Escobar-Cortés, J Barra-Carrasco, D Paredes-Sabja
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Roles of DacB and Spm Proteins in Clostridium perfringens Spore Resistance to Moist Heat, Chemicals, and UV Radiation
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Recent advances in germination of Clostridium spores
V Olguín-Araneda, S Banawas, MR Sarker, D Paredes-Sabja
Research in microbiology 166 (4), 236-243, 2015
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