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EN Fuentes, JA Valdés, A Molina, BT Björnsson
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IGF‐1 induces IP3‐dependent calcium signal involved in the regulation of myostatin gene expression mediated by NFAT during myoblast differentiation
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Inherent growth hormone resistance in the skeletal muscle of the fine flounder is modulated by nutritional status and is characterized by high contents of truncated GHR …
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The TORC1/P70S6K and TORC1/4EBP1 signaling pathways have a stronger contribution on skeletal muscle growth than MAPK/ERK in an early vertebrate: Differential involvement of the …
EN Fuentes, IE Einarsdottir, R Paredes, C Hidalgo, JA Valdes, ...
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Transient inactivation of myostatin induces muscle hypertrophy and overcompensatory growth in zebrafish via inactivation of the SMAD signaling pathway
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Isolation and selection of suitable reference genes for real-time PCR analyses in the skeletal muscle of the fine flounder in response to nutritional status: assessment and …
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Sequencing and de novo assembly of the red cusk-eel (Genypterus chilensis) transcriptome
JE Aedo, J Maldonado, JM Estrada, EN Fuentes, H Silva, ...
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The vertebrate muscle-specific RING finger protein family includes MuRF4–A novel, conserved E3-ubiquitin ligase
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Upwelling-derived oceanographic conditions impact growth performance and growth-related gene expression in intertidal fish
EN Fuentes, R Zuloaga, O Almarza, K Mendez, JA Valdés, A Molina, ...
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular …, 2017
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