José R. Caston
José R. Caston
Staff CSIC researcher. Group leader
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50-plus years of fungal viruses
SA Ghabrial, JR Castón, D Jiang, ML Nibert, N Suzuki
Virology 479, 356-368, 2015
C terminus of infectious bursal disease virus major capsid protein VP2 is involved in definition of the T number for capsid assembly
JR Castón, JL Martı́nez-Torrecuadrada, A Maraver, E Lombardo, ...
Journal of virology 75 (22), 10815-10828, 2001
VP1, the putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of infectious bursal disease virus, forms complexes with the capsid protein VP3, leading to efficient encapsidation into virus …
E Lombardo, A Maraver, JR Castón, J Rivera, A Fernández-Arias, ...
Journal of virology 73 (8), 6973-6983, 1999
Maturation of phage T7 involves structural modification of both shell and inner core components
X Agirrezabala, J Martín‐Benito, JR Castón, R Miranda, JM Valpuesta, ...
The EMBO journal 24 (21), 3820-3829, 2005
Sharpening high resolution information in single particle electron cryomicroscopy
JJ Fernandez, D Luque, JR Caston, JL Carrascosa
Journal of structural biology 164 (1), 170-175, 2008
Structure of LA virus: a specialized compartment for the transcription and replication of double-stranded RNA
JR Castón, BL Trus, FP Booy, RB Wickner, JS Wall, AC Steven
The Journal of cell biology 138 (5), 975-985, 1997
Fungal Virus Capsids are Cytoplasmic Compartments for the Replication of Double-stranded RNA, Formed as Icosahedral Shells of Asymmetric Gag Dimers
RH Cheng, JR Caston, GJ Wang, F Gu, TJ Smith, TS Baker, RF Bozarth, ...
Journal of molecular biology 244 (3), 255-258, 1994
Infectious bursal disease virus is an icosahedral polyploid dsRNA virus
D Luque, G Rivas, C Alfonso, JL Carrascosa, JF Rodríguez, JR Castón
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (7), 2148-2152, 2009
The oligomerization domain of VP3, the scaffolding protein of infectious bursal disease virus, plays a critical role in capsid assembly
A Maraver, A Ona, F Abaitua, D González, R Clemente, JA Ruiz-Díaz, ...
Journal of virology 77 (11), 6438-6449, 2003
Insights into minor group rhinovirus uncoating: the X-ray structure of the HRV2 empty capsid
D Garriga, A Pickl-Herk, D Luque, J Wruss, JR Castón, D Blaas, ...
PLoS pathogens 8 (1), e1002473, 2012
Structural polymorphism of the major capsid protein of a double-stranded RNA virus: an amphipathic α helix as a molecular switch
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Infectious bursal disease virus: ribonucleoprotein complexes of a double-stranded RNA virus
D Luque, I Saugar, MT Rejas, JL Carrascosa, JF Rodríguez, JR Castón
Journal of molecular biology 386 (3), 891-901, 2009
Topology of the components of the DNA packaging machinery in the phage φ29 prohead
B Ibarra, JR Castón, O Llorca, M Valle, JM Valpuesta, JL Carrascosa
Journal of molecular biology 298 (5), 807-815, 2000
Insertional mutagenesis in the extreme thermophilic eubacteria Thermus thermophilus HB8
I Lasa, JR Castón, LA Fernandez‐Herrero, MA De Pedro, J Berenguer
Molecular microbiology 6 (11), 1555-1564, 1992
The 2.6-Angstrom structure of infectious bursal disease virus-derived T= 1 particles reveals new stabilizing elements of the virus capsid
D Garriga, J Querol-Audí, F Abaitua, I Saugar, J Pous, N Verdaguer, ...
Journal of virology 80 (14), 6895-6905, 2006
Structure-dependent efficacy of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) recombinant vaccines
JL Martinez-Torrecuadrada, N Saubi, A Pagès-Manté, JR Castón, ...
Vaccine 21 (23), 3342-3350, 2003
The C-terminal domain of the pVP2 precursor is essential for the interaction between VP2 and VP3, the capsid polypeptides of infectious bursal disease virus
A Oña, D Luque, F Abaitua, A Maraver, JR Castón, JF Rodrı́guez
Virology 322 (1), 135-142, 2004
Assembling enzymatic cascade pathways inside virus-based nanocages using dual-tasking nucleic acid tags
M Brasch, RM Putri, MV de Ruiter, D Luque, MST Koay, JR Castón, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (4), 1512-1519, 2017
The coat protein of Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus contains a molecular switch at the N-terminal region facing the inner surface of the capsid
J Bárcena, N Verdaguer, R Roca, M Morales, I Angulo, C Risco, ...
Virology 322 (1), 118-134, 2004
Different architectures in the assembly of infectious bursal disease virus capsid proteins expressed in insect cells
JL Martinez-Torrecuadrada, JR Castón, M Castro, JL Carrascosa, ...
Virology 278 (2), 322-331, 2000
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