Alexey Serov
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Elucidating oxygen reduction active sites in pyrolyzed metal–nitrogen coordinated non-precious-metal electrocatalyst systems
U Tylus, Q Jia, K Strickland, N Ramaswamy, A Serov, P Atanassov, ...
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H Adabi, A Shakouri, N Ul Hassan, JR Varcoe, B Zulevi, A Serov, ...
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Metal oxides/CNT nano-composite catalysts for oxygen reduction/oxygen evolution in alkaline media
NI Andersen, A Serov, P Atanassov
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Indication for a volatile element 114
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C Santoro, A Serov, L Stariha, M Kodali, J Gordon, S Babanova, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (7), 2346-2353, 2016
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