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Cristian Celis-Barros
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Revealing monoamine oxidase B catalytic mechanisms by means of the quantum chemical cluster approach
G Zapata-Torres, A Fierro, G Barriga-González, JC Salgado, ...
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Compression of curium pyrrolidine-dithiocarbamate enhances covalency
JM Sperling, EJ Warzecha, C Celis-Barros, DC Sergentu, X Wang, ...
Nature 583 (7816), 396-399, 2020
Origin of selectivity of a triazinyl ligand for americium (III) over neodymium (III)
D Dan, C Celis‐Barros, FD White, JM Sperling, TE Albrecht‐Schmitt
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Trivalent f-element squarates, squarate-oxalates, and cationic materials, and the determination of the nine-coordinate ionic radius of Cf (III)
N Brenner, JM Sperling, TN Poe, C Celis-Barros, K Brittain, EM Villa, ...
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Probing a variation of the inverse-trans-influence in americium and lanthanide tribromide tris (tricyclohexylphosphine oxide) complexes
CJ Windorff, C Celis-Barros, JM Sperling, NC McKinnon, ...
Chemical Science 11 (10), 2770-2782, 2020
Understanding the stabilization and tunability of divalent europium 2.2. 2B cryptates
TN Poe, MJ Beltrán-Leiva, C Celis-Barros, WL Nelson, JM Sperling, ...
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Molecular dynamics simulation of halogen bonding mimics experimental data for cathepsin L inhibition
C Celis-Barros, L Saavedra-Rivas, JC Salgado, BK Cassels, ...
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Influence of protonation on substrate and inhibitor interactions at the active site of human monoamine oxidase-a
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Synthesis, 5-hydroxytryptamine1A receptor affinity and docking studies of 3-[3-(4-aryl-1-piperazinyl)-propyl]-1H-indole derivatives
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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 60 (5), 632-638, 2012
Detecting Ni (II) in aqueous solution by 3-(2-pyridyl)-[1, 2, 3] triazolo [1, 5-a] pyridine and dimethyl-β-cyclodextrin
C Jullian, S Fernández-Sandoval, M Rojas-Aranguiz, H Gómez-Machuca, ...
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Structure and Characterization of an Americium Bis(O,O’-diethyl)dithiophosphate Complex
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Molecular and electronic structure, and hydrolytic reactivity of a samarium (II) crown ether complex
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Influence of outer-sphere anions on the photoluminescence from samarium (II) crown complexes
TN Poe, S Molinari, MJ Beltran-Leiva, C Celis-Barros, H Ramanantoanina, ...
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Exploring the oxidation states of neptunium with Schiff base coordination complexes
BE Klamm, CJ Windorff, C Celis-Barros, MJ Beltran-Leiva, JM Sperling, ...
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Electronic, Magnetic, and Theoretical Characterization of (NH4)4UF8, a Simple Molecular Uranium(IV) Fluoride
AT Chemey, C Celis-Barros, K Huang, JM Sperling, CJ Windorff, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 58 (1), 637-647, 2018
Spectroscopic studies of the interaction of 3-(2-thienyl)-[1, 2, 3] triazolo [1, 5-a] pyridine with 2, 6-dimethyl-β-cyclodextrin and ct DNA
T Cifuentes, J Cayupi, C Celis-Barros, G Zapata-Torres, R Ballesteros, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 14 (41), 9760-9767, 2016
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