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Role of copper on mitochondrial function and metabolism
LM Ruiz, A Libedinsky, AA Elorza
Frontiers in molecular biosciences 8, 711227, 2021
AHL signaling molecules with a large acyl chain enhance biofilm formation on sulfur and metal sulfides by the bioleaching bacterium Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
A González, S Bellenberg, S Mamani, L Ruiz, A Echeverría, L Soulère, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 97, 3729-3737, 2013
In vivo binding of the Cry11Bb toxin of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. medellin to the midgut of mosquito larvae (Diptera: Culicidae)
LM Ruiz, C Segura, J Trujillo, S Orduz
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 99, 73-79, 2004
AHL communication is a widespread phenomenon in biomining bacteria and seems to be involved in mineral-adhesion efficiency
LM Ruiz, S Valenzuela, M Castro, A Gonzalez, M Frezza, L Soulère, ...
Hydrometallurgy 94 (1-4), 133-137, 2008
Proposal of a simple and effective local reactivity descriptor through a topological analysis of an orbital‐weighted fukui function
R Pino‐Rios, O Yañez, D Inostroza, L Ruiz, C Cardenas, P Fuentealba, ...
Journal of Computational Chemistry 38 (8), 481-488, 2017
Dexamethasone inhibits apoptosis of human neutrophils induced by reactive oxygen species
LM Ruiz, G Bedoya, J Salazar, D García de O, PJ Patiño
Inflammation 26, 215-222, 2002
Theoretical study of the antioxidant activity of quercetin oxidation products
A Vásquez-Espinal, O Yañez, E Osorio, C Areche, O García-Beltrán, ...
Frontiers in Chemistry 7, 818, 2019
The extremophile Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans possesses a c‐di‐GMP signalling pathway that could play a significant role during bioleaching of minerals
LM Ruiz, M Castro, A Barriga, CA Jerez, N Guiliani
Letters in applied microbiology 54 (2), 133-139, 2012
The injection of plasmid DNA in mouse muscle results in lifelong persistence of DNA, gene expression, and humoral response
G Armengol, LM Ruiz, S Orduz
Molecular biotechnology 27, 109-118, 2004
Which NICS method is most consistent with ring current analysis? Assessment in simple monocycles
R Báez-Grez, L Ruiz, R Pino-Rios, W Tiznado
RSC advances 8 (24), 13446-13453, 2018
The interplay among PINK1/PARKIN/Dj-1 network during mitochondrial quality control in cancer biology: Protein interaction analysis
C Salazar, P Ruiz-Hincapie, LM Ruiz
Cells 7 (10), 154, 2018
Non-cytotoxic copper overload boosts mitochondrial energy metabolism to modulate cell proliferation and differentiation in the human erythroleukemic cell line K562
LM Ruiz, EL Jensen, Y Rossel, GI Puas, AM Gonzalez-Ibanez, RI Bustos, ...
Mitochondrion 29, 18-30, 2016
Why is quercetin a better antioxidant than taxifolin? Theoretical study of mechanisms involving activated forms
E Osorio, EG Pérez, C Areche, LM Ruiz, BK Cassels, E Flórez, W Tiznado
Journal of Molecular Modeling 19, 2165-2172, 2013
Revisiting aromaticity and chemical bonding of fluorinated benzene derivatives
JJ Torres‐Vega, A Vásquez‐Espinal, L Ruiz, MA Fernández‐Herrera, ...
ChemistryOpen 4 (3), 302-307, 2015
Copper deficiency alters cell bioenergetics and induces mitochondrial fusion through up-regulation of MFN2 and OPA1 in erythropoietic cells
RI Bustos, EL Jensen, LM Ruiz, S Rivera, S Ruiz, F Simon, C Riedel, ...
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 437 (3), 426-432, 2013
Quercetin affects erythropoiesis and heart mitochondrial function in mice
LM Ruiz, C Salazar, E Jensen, PA Ruiz, W Tiznado, RA Quintanilla, ...
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity 2015, 2015
Diguanylate Cyclase Null Mutant Reveals That C-Di-GMP Pathway Regulates the Motility and Adherence of the Extremophile Bacterium Acidithiobacillus caldus
M Castro, SM Deane, L Ruiz, DE Rawlings, N Guiliani
PLoS One 10 (2), e0116399, 2015
Carbon rings decorated with group 14 elements: New aromatic clusters containing planar tetracoordinate carbon
O Yañez, A Vásquez-Espinal, R Báez-Grez, WA Rabanal-León, E Osorio, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 43 (17), 6781-6785, 2019
Aromaticity in heterocyclic analogues of benzene: Dissected NICS and current density analysis
R Báez‐Grez, WA Rabanal‐León, L Alvarez‐Thon, L Ruiz, W Tiznado, ...
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 32 (1), e3823, 2019
Immune response in mice and cattle after immunization with a Boophilus microplus DNA vaccine containing bm86 gene
LM Ruiz, S Orduz, ED López, F Guzmán, ME Patarroyo, G Armengol
Veterinary Parasitology 144 (1-2), 138-145, 2007
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