Dr. Alexander Carreno G.
Dr. Alexander Carreno G.
Profesor Asistente, Centro de Nanociencias Aplicadas (CANS), UNAB
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Inhibitory effect of biofilm-forming Lactobacillus kunkeei strains against virulent Pseudomonas aeruginosa in vitro and in honeycomb moth (Galleria mellonella) infection model
ANT P. Berríos, J.A. Fuentes, D. Salas, A. Carreño, P. Aldea, F. Fernández
Beneficial Microbes, 1-12, 2017
Study of structure-bioactivity relationship of three new pyridine Schiff bases: Synthesis, spectral characterization, DFT calculations and biological assays
A Carreno, C Zuñiga, D Paez-Hernandez, M Gacitua, R Polanco, C Otero, ...
New Journal of Chemistry, 2018
Experimental and theoretical studies of the ancillary ligand (E)-2-((3-amino-pyridin-4-ylimino)-methyl)-4, 6-di-tert-butylphenol in the rhenium (I) core
A Carreño, M Gacitua, E Schott, X Zarate, JM Manriquez, M Preite, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 39 (7), 5725-5734, 2015
Rhenium (I) complexes as probes for prokaryotic and fungal cells by fluorescence microscopy: do ligands matter?
C Otero, A Carreño, R Polanco, FM Llancalahuen, R Arratia-Pérez, ...
Frontiers in Chemistry 7, 454, 2019
Substituted bidentate and ancillary ligands modulate bioimaging properties of classical Re (I) tricarbonyl core with yeasts and bacteria
A Carreño, A Aros, C Otero, R Polanco, M Gacitúa, R Arratia-Perez, ...
New Journal of Chemistry, 2017
Spectral, theoretical characterization and antifungal properties of two phenol derivative Schiff bases with an intramolecular hydrogen bond
A Carreño, M Gacitúa, D Páez-Hernández, R Polanco, M Preite, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 39 (10), 7822-7831, 2015
Fluorescence probes for prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells using Re (CO) 3+ complexes with an electron withdrawing ancillary ligand
A Carreño, M Gacitúa, JA Fuentes, D Páez-Hernández, JP Peñaloza, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 40 (9), 7687-7700, 2016
Two new fluorinated phenol derivatives pyridine Schiff bases: synthesis, spectral, theoretical characterization, Inclusion in epichlorohydrin-β-cyclodextrin polymer, and …
A Carreño, L Rodríguez, D Páez-Hernández, R Martin-Trasanco, ...
Frontiers in chemistry 6, 312, 2018
Exploring the geometrical and optical properties of neutral rhenium (I) tricarbonyl complex of 1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-diol using relativistic methods
RAP Alexander Carreño, Eduardo Solis-Cespedes, Dayan Paez-Hernandez
Chem. Phys. Letter, 2017
Synthesis, characterization and computational studies of (E)-2-{[(2-aminopyridin-3-yl) imino]-methyl}-4, 6-di-tert-butylphenol
A Carreño, A Vega, X Zarate, E Schott, M Gacitúa, N Valenzuela, M Preite, ...
Química Nova 37, 584-588, 2014
Cyclic voltammetry, relativistic DFT calculations and biological test of cytotoxicity in walled-cell models of two classical rhenium (I) tricarbonyl complexes with 5-amine-1 …
A Carreño, E Solís-Céspedes, C Zúñiga, J Nevermann, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 715, 231-238, 2019
Theoretical and experimental characterization of a novel pyridine benzimidazole: suitability for fluorescence staining in cells and antimicrobial properties
A Carreño, M Gacitúa, JA Fuentes, D Páez-Hernández, C Araneda, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 40 (3), 2362-2375, 2016
“One for All”: Functional Transfer of OMV-Mediated Polymyxin B Resistance From Salmonella enterica sv. Typhi ΔtolR and ΔdegS to Susceptible Bacteria
P Marchant, A Carreño, E Vivanco, A Silva, J Nevermann, C Otero, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 12, 672467, 2021
(E)-2-{[(2-Aminopyridin-3-yl) imino] methyl}-4, 6-di-tert-butylphenol
A Carreño, S Ladeira, A Castel, A Vega, I Chavez
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 68 (8), o2507-o2508, 2012
Electrochemical behaviors and relativistic DFT calculations to understand the terminal ligand influence on the [Re 6 (μ 3 -Q) 8 X 6 ] 4- Clusters
RAP Macarena Rojas-Poblete , Alexander Carreño , Manuel Gacitúa , Dayán Páez ...
New Journal of Chemistry, 2018
Exploring rhenium (I) complexes as potential fluorophores for walled-cells (yeasts and bacteria): photophysics, biocompatibility, and confocal microscopy
A Carreño, D Páez-Hernández, C Zúñiga, A Ramírez-Osorio, N Pizarro, ...
Dyes and Pigments 184, 108876, 2021
Comparative study of the anchorage and the catalytic properties of nanoporous TiO2 films modified with ruthenium (II) and rhenium (I) carbonyl complexes
DP Oyarzún, S Chardon-Noblat, OEL Pérez, ML Teijelo, C Zúñiga, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 694, 40-47, 2018
Adsorption essays of palladium in modified silica gel with thiouronium groups: Experimental and theorical studies
A CARREÑO G, E SCHOTT V, X ZÁRATE B, R Arratia-Perez, ...
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society 56 (2), 692-696, 2011
New properties of a bioinspired pyridine benzimidazole compound as a novel differential staining agent for endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus in fluorescence live cell …
FM Llancalahuen, JA Fuentes, A Carreño, C Zúñiga, D Páez-Hernández, ...
Frontiers in Chemistry 6, 345, 2018
X-ray diffraction and relativistic DFT studies on the molecular biomarker fac-Re(CO)3(4,4′-dimethyl-2,2′-bpy)(E-2-((3-amino-pyridin-4-ylimino)-methyl)-4,6-di-tert-butylphenol …
A Carreño, M Gacitua, E Molins, R Arratia-Perez
Chemical Papers, 2017
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