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Molecule-based magnetic coolers
YZ Zheng, GJ Zhou, Z Zheng, REP Winpenny
Chemical Society Reviews 43 (5), 1462-1475, 2014
High-nuclearity 3d–4f clusters as enhanced magnetic coolers and molecular magnets
JB Peng, QC Zhang, XJ Kong, YZ Zheng, YP Ren, LS Long, RB Huang, ...
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MF Hawthorne, Z Zheng
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First Oxadiazole-Functionalized Terbium(III) β-Diketonate for Organic Electroluminescence
J Wang, R Wang, J Yang, Z Zheng, MD Carducci, T Cayou, ...
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A Chiral 60-Metal Sodalite Cage Featuring 24 Vertex-Sharing [Er43-OH)4] Cubanes
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A 48‐Metal Cluster Exhibiting a Large Magnetocaloric Effect
JB Peng, QC Zhang, XJ Kong, YP Ren, LS Long, RB Huang, LS Zheng, ...
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R Wang, HD Selby, H Liu, MD Carducci, T Jin, Z Zheng, JW Anthis, ...
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Solvent-induced transformation of single crystals of a spin-crossover (SCO) compound to single crystals with two distinct SCO centers
B Li, RJ Wei, J Tao, RB Huang, LS Zheng, Z Zheng
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Keeping the ball rolling: fullerene-like molecular clusters
XJ Kong, LS Long, Z Zheng, RB Huang, LS Zheng
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XJ Kong, YP Ren, WX Chen, LS Long, Z Zheng, RB Huang, LS Zheng
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Ligand-controlled self-assembly of polynuclear lanthanide–oxo/hydroxo complexes: from synthetic serendipity to rational supramolecular design
Z Zheng
Chemical Communications, 2521-2529, 2001
Ligand-bridged oligomeric and supramolecular arrays of the hexanuclear rhenium selenide clusters− exploratory synthesis, structural characterization, and property investigation
HD Selby, BK Roland, Z Zheng
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Q Tang, S Liu, Y Liu, D He, J Miao, X Wang, Y Ji, Z Zheng
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A symbol approach for classification of molecule-based magnetic materials exemplified by coordination polymers of metal carboxylates
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A Basis Set of Re6Se8 Cluster Building Blocks and Demonstration of Their Linking Capability:  Directed Synthesis of an Re12Se16 Dicluster
Z Zheng, JR Long, RH Holm
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Lanthanide coordination with α-amino acids under near physiological pH conditions: polymetallic complexes containing the cubane-like [Ln4 (μ3-OH) 4] 8+ cluster core
R Wang, H Liu, MD Carducci, T Jin, C Zheng, Z Zheng
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Facile electrophilic iodination of icosahedral carboranes. Synthesis of carborane derivatives with boron-carbon bonds via the palladium-catalyzed reaction of diiodocarboranes …
Z Zheng, W Jiang, AA Zinn, CB Knobler, MF Hawthorne
Inorganic Chemistry 34 (8), 2095-2100, 1995
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