Valerie S. Knopik
Valerie S. Knopik
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Top 10 replicated findings from behavioral genetics
R Plomin, JC DeFries, VS Knopik, JM Neiderhiser
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Behavioral genetics
VS Knopik, JM Neiderhiser, JC DeFries, R Plomin
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VS Knopik
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Allelic variation in TAS2R bitter receptor genes associates with variation in sensations from and ingestive behaviors toward common bitter beverages in adults
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Quantitative trait locus for reading disability on chromosome 6p is pleiotropic for attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder
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Examining the role of common genetic variants on alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and illicit drug dependence: genetics of vulnerability to drug dependence
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Associations of the DRD2 TaqIA polymorphism with impulsivity and substance use: preliminary results from a clinical sample of adolescents
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5‐HTTLPR and BDNF Val66Met polymorphisms moderate effects of stress on rumination
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Genetic and environmental overlap between low self-control and delinquency
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Bitterness of the Non-nutritive Sweetener Acesulfame Potassium Varies With Polymorphisms in TAS2R9 and TAS2R31
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Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 93 (3), 313-321, 2009
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