Yusuf Kelestemur
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Amplified spontaneous emission and lasing in colloidal nanoplatelets
B Guzelturk, Y Kelestemur, M Olutas, S Delikanli, HV Demir
ACS nano 8 (7), 6599-6605, 2014
Lateral size-dependent spontaneous and stimulated emission properties in colloidal CdSe nanoplatelets
M Olutas, B Guzelturk, Y Kelestemur, A Yeltik, S Delikanli, HV Demir
Acs Nano 9 (5), 5041-5050, 2015
Experimental determination of the absorption cross-section and molar extinction coefficient of colloidal CdSe nanoplatelets
A Yeltik, S Delikanli, M Olutas, Y Kelestemur, B Guzelturk, HV Demir
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (47), 26768-26775, 2015
Near‐unity emitting copper‐doped colloidal semiconductor quantum wells for luminescent solar concentrators
M Sharma, K Gungor, A Yeltik, M Olutas, B Guzelturk, Y Kelestemur, ...
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Stacking in colloidal nanoplatelets: tuning excitonic properties
B Guzelturk, O Erdem, M Olutas, Y Kelestemur, HV Demir
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Stable and low-threshold optical gain in CdSe/CdS quantum dots: an all-colloidal frequency up-converted laser
B Guzelturk, Y Keleştemur, K Gungor, A Yeltik, MZ Akgul, Y Wang, ...
Platelet‐in‐Box Colloidal Quantum Wells: CdSe/CdS@ CdS Core/Crown@ Shell Heteronanoplatelets
Y Kelestemur, B Guzelturk, O Erdem, M Olutas, K Gungor, HV Demir
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (21), 3570-3579, 2016
Type-II colloidal quantum wells: CdSe/CdTe core/crown heteronanoplatelets
Y Kelestemur, M Olutas, S Delikanli, B Guzelturk, MZ Akgul, HV Demir
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (4), 2177-2185, 2015
Highly Stable, Near‐Unity Efficiency Atomically Flat Semiconductor Nanocrystals of CdSe/ZnS Hetero‐Nanoplatelets Enabled by ZnS‐Shell Hot‐Injection Growth
Y Altintas, U Quliyeva, K Gungor, O Erdem, Y Kelestemur, E Mutlugun, ...
Small 15 (8), 1804854, 2019
Colloidal CdSe quantum wells with graded shell composition for low-threshold amplified spontaneous emission and highly efficient electroluminescence
Y Kelestemur, Y Shynkarenko, M Anni, S Yakunin, ML De Giorgi, ...
ACS nano 13 (12), 13899-13909, 2019
Orientation-controlled nonradiative energy transfer to colloidal nanoplatelets: engineering dipole orientation factor
O Erdem, K Gungor, B Guzelturk, I Tanriover, M Sak, M Olutas, D Dede, ...
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Tunable white-light-emitting Mn-doped ZnSe nanocrystals
VK Sharma, B Guzelturk, T Erdem, Y Kelestemur, HV Demir
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (5), 3654-3660, 2014
Continuously tunable emission in inverted type‐I CdS/CdSe core/crown semiconductor nanoplatelets
S Delikanli, B Guzelturk, PL Hernández‐Martínez, T Erdem, Y Kelestemur, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (27), 4282-4289, 2015
Nonradiative energy transfer in colloidal CdSe nanoplatelet films
B Guzelturk, M Olutas, S Delikanli, Y Kelestemur, O Erdem, HV Demir
Nanoscale 7 (6), 2545-2551, 2015
Understanding the journey of dopant copper ions in atomically flat colloidal nanocrystals of CdSe nanoplatelets using partial cation exchange reactions
M Sharma, M Olutas, A Yeltik, Y Kelestemur, A Sharma, S Delikanli, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (10), 3265-3275, 2018
Alloyed Heterostructures of CdSexS1–x Nanoplatelets with Highly Tunable Optical Gain Performance
Y Kelestemur, D Dede, K Gungor, CF Usanmaz, O Erdem, HV Demir
Chemistry of Materials 29 (11), 4857-4865, 2017
CdSe/CdSe1–xTex Core/Crown Heteronanoplatelets: Tuning the Excitonic Properties without Changing the Thickness
Y Kelestemur, B Guzelturk, O Erdem, M Olutas, T Erdem, CF Usanmaz, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (8), 4650-4658, 2017
Highly stable multicrown heterostructures of type-II nanoplatelets for ultralow threshold optical gain
D Dede, N Taghipour, U Quliyeva, M Sak, Y Kelestemur, K Gungor, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (5), 1818-1826, 2019
Quantum dot/light-emitting electrochemical cell hybrid device and mechanism of its operation
J Frohleiks, S Wepfer, Y Kelestemur, HV Demir, G Bacher, E Nannen
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (37), 24692-24698, 2016
Attractive versus repulsive excitonic interactions of colloidal quantum dots control blue-to red-shifting (and non-shifting) amplified spontaneous emission
AF Cihan, Y Kelestemur, B Guzelturk, O Yerli, U Kurum, HG Yaglioglu, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4 (23), 4146-4152, 2013
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