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Claudia Agnini
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An astronomically dated record of Earth’s climate and its predictability over the last 66 million years
T Westerhold, N Marwan, AJ Drury, D Liebrand, C Agnini, E Anagnostou, ...
Science 369 (6509), 1383-1387, 2020
Biozonation and biochronology of Paleogene calcareous nannofossils from low and middle latitudes
C Agnini, E Fornaciari, I Raffi, R Catanzariti, H Pälike, J Backman, D Rio
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Synchronous tropical and polar temperature evolution in the Eocene
MJ Cramwinckel, M Huber, IJ Kocken, C Agnini, PK Bijl, SM Bohaty, ...
Nature 559 (7714), 382-386, 2018
High-resolution nannofossil biochronology of middle Paleocene to early Eocene at ODP Site 1262: Implications for calcareous nannoplankton evolution
C Agnini, E Fornaciari, I Raffi, D Rio, U Röhl, T Westerhold
Marine Micropaleontology 64 (3-4), 215-248, 2007
Mode and tempo of the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum in an expanded section from the Venetian pre-Alps
L Giusberti, D Rio, C Agnini, J Backman, E Fornaciari, F Tateo, M Oddone
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Eocene biostratigraphy and magnetic stratigraphy from Possagno, Italy: The calcareous nannofossil response to climate variability
C Agnini, G Muttoni, DV Kent, D Rio
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 241 (3-4), 815-830, 2006
Responses of calcareous nannofossil assemblages, mineralogy and geochemistry to the environmental perturbations across the Paleocene/Eocene boundary in the Venetian Pre-Alps
C Agnini, E Fornaciari, D Rio, F Tateo, J Backman, L Giusberti
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Astronomical calibration of the Ypresian timescale: implications for seafloor spreading rates and the chaotic behavior of the solar system?
T Westerhold, U Röhl, T Frederichs, C Agnini, I Raffi, JC Zachos, ...
Climate of the Past 13 (9), 1129-1152, 2017
An early Eocene carbon cycle perturbation at∼ 52.5 Ma in the Southern Alps: Chronology and biotic response
C Agnini, P Macrì, J Backman, H Brinkhuis, E Fornaciari, L Giusberti, ...
Paleoceanography 24 (2), 2009
Integrated biomagnetostratigraphy of the Alano section (NE Italy): A proposal for defining the middle-late Eocene boundary
C Agnini, E Fornaciari, L Giusberti, P Grandesso, L Lanci, V Luciani, ...
Bulletin 123 (5-6), 841-872, 2011
Mid-latitude calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and biochronology across the middle to late Eocene transition
E Fornaciari, C Agnini, R Catanzariti, D Rio, EM Bolla, E Valvasoni
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Ecological and evolutionary response of Tethyan planktonic foraminifera to the middle Eocene climatic optimum (MECO) from the Alano section (NE Italy)
V Luciani, L Giusberti, C Agnini, E Fornaciari, D Rio, DJA Spofforth, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 292 (1-2), 82-95, 2010
Organic carbon burial following the middle Eocene climatic optimum in the central western Tethys
DJA Spofforth, C Agnini, H Pälike, D Rio, E Fornaciari, L Giusberti, ...
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The Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum as recorded by Tethyan planktonic foraminifera in the Forada section (northern Italy)
V Luciani, L Giusberti, C Agnini, J Backman, E Fornaciari, D Rio
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Continental-scale geographic change across Zealandia during Paleogene subduction initiation
R Sutherland, GR Dickens, P Blum, C Agnini, L Alegret, G Asatryan, ...
Geology 48 (5), 419-424, 2020
Coupled high-resolution marine and terrestrial records of carbon and hydrologic cycles variations during the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)
BJ Tipple, M Pagani, S Krishnan, SS Dirghangi, S Galeotti, C Agnini, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 311 (1-2), 82-92, 2011
Data report: revised composite depth scale and splice for IODP Site U1406
TE Van Peer, D Liebrand, C Xuan, PC Lippert, C Agnini, N Blum, P Blum, ...
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, 2017
An expanded Cretaceous− Tertiary transition in a pelagic setting of the Southern Alps (central-western Tethys)
E Fornaciari, L Giusberti, V Luciani, F Tateo, C Agnini, J Backman, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 255 (1-2), 98-131, 2007
Changes in calcareous nannofossil assemblages during the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum: Clues from the central-western Tethys (Alano section, NE Italy)
F Toffanin, C Agnini, E Fornaciari, D Rio, L Giusberti, V Luciani, ...
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Major perturbations in the global carbon cycle and photosymbiont-bearing planktic foraminifera during the early Eocene
V Luciani, GR Dickens, J Backman, E Fornaciari, L Giusberti, C Agnini, ...
Climate of the Past 12 (4), 981-1007, 2016
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