Gábor Varga
Gábor Varga
University of Szeged, Department of Applied & Environmental Chemistry
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Mn (II)–amino acid complexes intercalated in CaAl-layered double hydroxide–Well-characterized, highly efficient, recyclable oxidation catalysts
G Varga, Á Kukovecz, Z Kónya, L Korecz, S Muráth, Z Csendes, G Peintler, ...
Journal of Catalysis 335, 125-134, 2016
Complexity of a Co3O4 System under Ambient-Pressure CO2 Methanation: Influence of Bulk and Surface Properties on the Catalytic Performance
A Efremova, T Rajkumar, A Szamosvolgyi, A Sapi, K Baan, I Szenti, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125 (13), 7130-7141, 2021
Ultrasonically-enhanced preparation, characterization of CaFe-layered double hydroxides with various interlayer halide, azide and oxo anions (CO32−, NO3−, ClO4−)
M Szabados, G Varga, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, S Carlson, P Sipos, ...
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 40, 853-860, 2018
Mechanochemical synthesis and intercalation of Ca (II) Fe (III)-layered double hydroxides
Z Ferencz, M Szabados, G Varga, Z Csendes, Á Kukovecz, Z Kónya, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 233, 236-243, 2016
Ambient pressure CO2 hydrogenation over a cobalt/manganese-oxide nanostructured interface: A combined in situ and ex situ study
G Varga, A Sápi, T Varga, K Baán, I Szenti, G Halasi, R Mucsi, L Óvári, ...
Journal of catalysis 386, 70-80, 2020
Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of crystalline Mn (II) Cr (III)-layered double hydroxide
Z Timár, G Varga, S Muráth, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, V Havasi, A Oszkó, ...
Catalysis Today 284, 195-201, 2017
Self-assembly of protamine biomacromolecule on halloysite nanotubes for immobilization of superoxide dismutase enzyme
B Katana, P Rouster, G Varga, S Muráth, K Glinel, AM Jonas, I Szilagyi
ACS Applied Bio Materials 3 (1), 522-530, 2019
Pomegranate peel as a new low-cost adsorbent for ammonium removal
N Bellahsen, G Varga, N Halyag, S Kertész, E Tombácz, C Hodúr
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 18, 711-722, 2021
A colloid chemistry route for the preparation of hierarchically ordered mesoporous layered double hydroxides using surfactants as sacrificial templates
G Varga, Z Somosi, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, I Pálinkó, I Szilagyi
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 581, 928-938, 2021
Electrospun scaffolds in periodontal wound healing
M Budai-Szűcs, M Ruggeri, A Faccendini, A Léber, S Rossi, G Varga, ...
Polymers 13 (2), 307, 2021
Cu (II)-amino acid–CaAl-layered double hydroxide complexes, recyclable, efficient catalysts in various oxidative transformations
G Varga, S Ziegenheim, S Muráth, Z Csendes, Á Kukovecz, Z Kónya, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 423, 49-60, 2016
Green and selective toluene oxidation–Knoevenagel-condensation domino reaction over Ce-and Bi-based CeBi mixed oxide mixtures
G Varga, Á Kukovecz, Z Kónya, P Sipos, I Pálinkó
Journal of Catalysis 381, 308-315, 2020
Nature of the Pt-Cobalt-Oxide surface interaction and its role in the CO2 Methanation
A Efremova, I Szenti, J Kiss, Á Szamosvölgyi, A Sápi, K Baán, L Olivi, ...
Applied Surface Science 571, 151326, 2022
A mineralogically-inspired silver–bismuth hybrid material: an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the direct synthesis of nitriles from terminal alkynes
SB Ötvös, R Mészáros, G Varga, M Kocsis, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, ...
Green Chemistry 20 (5), 1007-1019, 2018
Surface modification of two-dimensional layered double hydroxide nanoparticles with biopolymers for biomedical applications
M Pavlovic, A Szerlauth, S Muráth, G Varga, I Szilagyi
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 114590, 2022
β-Isocupreidinate‒CaAl-layered double hydroxide composites—heterogenized catalysts for asymmetric Michael addition
G Varga, V Kozma, VJ Kolcsár, Á Kukovecz, Z Kónya, P Sipos, I Pálinkó, ...
Molecular Catalysis 482, 110675, 2020
Ultrasound-assisted hydrazine reduction method for the preparation of nickel nanoparticles, physicochemical characterization and catalytic application in Suzuki-Miyaura cross …
AA Ádám, M Szabados, G Varga, Á Papp, K Musza, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (4), 632, 2020
Interaction studies between levodopa and different excipients to develop coground binary mixtures for intranasal application
T Kiss, T Alapi, G Varga, C Bartos, R Ambrus, P Szabó-Révész, G Katona
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 108 (8), 2552-2560, 2019
Superoxide dismutase inspired Fe (III)− amino acid complexes covalently grafted onto chloropropylated silica gel–Syntheses, structural characterisation and catalytic activity
Z Csendes, C Dudás, G Varga, ÉG Bajnóczi, SE Canton, P Sipos, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1044, 39-45, 2013
Syntheses, characterization and catalytic activities of CaAl-layered double hydroxide intercalated Fe (III)-amino acid complexes
G Varga, Z Timár, S Muráth, Z Kónya, Á Kukovecz, S Carlson, P Sipos, ...
Catalysis Today 306, 42-50, 2018
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