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Collective cell motion in endothelial monolayers
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Salt stress affects plastid ultrastructure and photosynthetic activity but not the essential oil composition in spearmint (Mentha spicata L. var. crispa “Moroccan”)
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Salt Stress Induces Paramylon Accumulation and Fine-Tuning of the Macro-Organization of Thylakoid Membranes in Euglena gracilis Cells
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Fénykoncentrátoros napelem rendszer tervezése
J Básti, R Ünnep
Etioplasts are more susceptible to salinity stress than chloroplasts and photosynthetically active etio‐chloroplasts of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
R Ounoki, A Sóti, R Ünnep, G Sipka, É Sárvári, G Garab, K Solymosi
Physiologia Plantarum 175 (6), e14100, 2023
The ultrastructure and flexibility of thylakoid membranes in different photosynthetic organisms as revealed by small-angle neutron scattering
R Ünnep
Collective Cell Movements during Vasculogenesis
A Czirok, A Szabo, MB Filla, R Unnep, R Lansford, PA Rupp
The FASEB Journal 25, 301.4-301.4, 2011
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