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Víctor Manuel Escobedo Echeverría
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Global trends in phenotypic plasticity of plants
GC Stotz, C Salgado‐Luarte, VM Escobedo, F Valladares, E Gianoli
Ecology Letters 24 (10), 2267-2281, 2021
Goat grazing reduces diversity and leads to functional, taxonomic, and phylogenetic homogenization in an arid shrubland
C Salgado‐Luarte, VM Escobedo, GC Stotz, RS Rios, G Arancio, ...
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Evaluating Darwin’s naturalization hypothesis in experimental plant assemblages: phylogenetic relationships do not determine colonization success
SA Castro, VM Escobedo, J Aranda, GO Carvallo
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Phenotypic plasticity and the leaf economics spectrum: plasticity is positively associated with specific leaf area
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Interactive effects of shading and disturbance on plant invasion in an arid shrubland: Assembly processes and CSR‐strategies
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Chlorophyll fluorescence may predict tolerance to herbivory
K Madriaza, A Saldaña, C Salgado-Luarte, VM Escobedo, E Gianoli
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Disturbance by an endemic rodent in an arid shrubland is a habitat filter: effects on plant invasion and taxonomical, functional and phylogenetic community structure
VM Escobedo, RS Rios, C Salgado-Luarte, GC Stotz, E Gianoli
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Disturbance reinforces community assembly processes differentially across spatial scales
VM Escobedo, RS Rios, Y Alcayaga-Olivares, E Gianoli
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Phenotypic plasticity may mediate habitat filtering in a forest edge community
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Effect of the harvest year and cultivation temperature on the germination of Hirschfeldia incana (Brassicaceae): inferences on its invasiveness in Chile
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Gregariousness affects performance and defensive reactions in swallowtail caterpillars
MF Cisternas, VM Escobedo, RS Rios, E Gianoli
Ecological Entomology 45 (6), 1428-1436, 2020
Changes in Diversity and Community Composition of Root Endophytic Fungi Associated with Aristolochia chilensis along an Aridity Gradient in the Atacama Desert
MJ Guevara-Araya, VM Escobedo, V Palma-Onetto, M González-Teuber
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Shade tolerance and the relationship between herbivory and light availability
E Gianoli, C Salgado-Luarte, VM Escobedo
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Adaptive plasticity to drought of Grime's CSR strategies
VM Escobedo, MA Molina-Montenegro, C Salgado-Luarte, GC Stotz, ...
Oikos, e09754, 2023
Inoculation with extreme endophytes improves performance and nutritional quality in crop species grown under exoplanetary conditions
MA Molina-Montenegro, C Atala, VM Escobedo
Frontiers in Plan Science 14, 10.3389/fpls.2023.1139704, 2023
Mistletoe infection changes arthropod community on its cactus host through indirect effects
PC Guerra, VM Escobedo, GO Gutiérrez, E Gianoli
Insect Conservation and Diversity 15 (2), 288-298, 2022
Darwin's Naturalization Hypothesis assessed in the alien flora of continental Chile.
VM Escobedo, JE Aranda, SA Castro
Anti-herbivory defences delivered by Epichloë fungal endophytes: a quantitative review of alkaloid concentration variation among hosts and plant parts
FM Realini, VM Escobedo, AC Ueno, DA Bastías, CL Schardl, F Biganzoli, ...
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Brood chambers of a stem borer beetle modify arthropod functional diversity on its cactus host
PC Guerra, GO Gutiérrez, J Pizarro-Araya, VM Escobedo, E Gianoli
Arthropod-Plant Interactions 17 (1), 51-64, 2023
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