Thomas Albrecht-Schoenzart
Thomas Albrecht-Schoenzart
Otros nombresThomas Albrecht-Schmitt, Thomas Albrechtschmitt, Thomas E Albrecht-Schoenzart
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A metal–organic framework material that functions as an enantioselective catalyst for olefin epoxidation
SH Cho, B Ma, SBT Nguyen, JT Hupp, TE Albrecht-Schmitt
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Umbellate distortions of the uranyl coordination environment result in a stable and porous polycatenated framework that can effectively remove cesium from aqueous solutions
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Self-assembly of luminescent molecular squares featuring octahedral rhenium corners
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NDTB‐1: A Supertetrahedral Cationic Framework That Removes TcO4 from Solution
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Cocrystallized Mixtures and Multiple Geometries: Syntheses, Structures, and NMR Spectroscopy of the Re6 Clusters [NMe4] 4 [Re6 (Te8-n Se n)(CN) 6](n= 0− 8)
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Selectivity, Kinetics, and Efficiency of Reversible Anion Exchange with TcO4 in a Supertetrahedral Cationic Framework
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Structural relationships, interconversion, and optical properties of the uranyl iodates, UO2 (IO3) 2 and UO2 (IO3) 2 (H2O): a comparison of reactions under mild and …
AC Bean, SM Peper, TE Albrecht-Schmitt
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Rare earth separations by selective borate crystallization
X Yin, Y Wang, X Bai, Y Wang, L Chen, C Xiao, J Diwu, S Du, Z Chai, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 14438, 2017
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