Kunyan Zhang
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Enhancement of van der Waals interlayer coupling through polar Janus MoSSe
K Zhang, Y Guo, Q Ji, AY Lu, C Su, H Wang, AA Puretzky, DB Geohegan, ...
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Designing artificial two-dimensional landscapes via atomic-layer substitution
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Defect creation in WSe 2 with a microsecond photoluminescence lifetime by focused ion beam irradiation
Q Qian, L Peng, N Perea-Lopez, K Fujisawa, K Zhang, X Zhang, ...
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T Nguyen, F Han, N Andrejevic, R Pablo-Pedro, A Apte, Y Tsurimaki, ...
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Rapid Biomarker Screening of Alzheimer’s Disease by Interpretable Machine Learning and Graphene-Assisted Raman Spectroscopy
Z Wang, J Ye, K Zhang, L Ding, T Granzier-Nakajima, JC Ranasinghe, ...
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Accurate virus identification with interpretable raman signatures by machine learning
J Ye, YT Yeh, Y Xue, Z Wang, N Zhang, H Liu, K Zhang, RA Ricker, Z Yu, ...
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K Zhang, X Pang, T Wang, F Han, SL Shang, NT Hung, ART Nugraha, ...
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Measuring complex refractive index through deep-learning-enabled optical reflectometry
Z Wang, YC Lin, K Zhang, W Wu, S Huang
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Understanding the Excitation Wavelength Dependence and Thermal Stability of the SARS-CoV-2 Receptor-Binding Domain Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering and Machine Learning
K Zhang, Z Wang, H Liu, N Perea-López, JC Ranasinghe, G Bepete, ...
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Coherent Lattice Wobbling and Out-of-Phase Intensity Oscillations of Friedel Pairs Observed by Ultrafast Electron Diffraction
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Probing charge transfer in 2D MoS2/tellurene type-II p–n heterojunctions
B Chitara, K Zhang, MYG Cervantes, TB Limbu, B Adhikari, S Huang, ...
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Tuning the Fermi Level of Graphene by Two-Dimensional Metals for Raman Detection of Molecules
N Zhang†, K Zhang†, M Zou, RA Maniyara, TA Bowen, JR Schrecengost, ...
ACS nano, 2024
Optical Properties and Emerging Phenomena of Two-Dimensional Materials
K Zhang, A Jain, W Wu, J Ranasinghe, Z Wang, S Huang
Novel Optical Materials, 1-30, 2024
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