Plinio Cantero-López
Plinio Cantero-López
MSc in Chemistry /Ph.D. in Molecular Physical Chemistry,Universidad Andrés Bello
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Theoretical method for an accurate elucidation of energy transfer pathways in europium (III) complexes with dipyridophenazine (dppz) ligand: one more step in the study of the …
MJ Beltrán-Leiva, P Cantero-López, C Zúñiga, A Bulhões-Figueira, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (15), 9200-9208, 2017
Encapsulation of plant extract compounds using cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, liposomes, electrospinning and their combinations for food purposes
C Muñoz-Shugulí, CP Vidal, P Cantero-López, J Lopez-Polo
Trends in Food Science & Technology 108, 177-186, 2021
Luminescent europium (III) and terbium (III) complexes of β-diketonate and substituted terpyridine ligands: Synthesis, crystal structures and elucidation of energy transfer …
Z Abbas, S Dasari, MJ Beltrán-Leiva, P Cantero-López, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 43 (38), 15139-15152, 2019
Effect of cosolvents DMSO and glycerol on the self-assembly behavior of SDBS and CPC: an experimental and theoretical approach
V Sharma, P Cantero-López, O Yanez-Osses, A Kumar
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 63 (8), 3083-3096, 2018
Effect of lyophilization on the physicochemical and rheological properties of food grade liposomes that encapsulate rutin
J Lopez-Polo, A Silva-Weiss, B Giménez, P Cantero-López, R Vega, ...
Food research international 130, 108967, 2020
A physicochemical and conformational study of co-solvent effect on the molecular interactions between similarly charged protein surfactant (BSA-SDBS) system
V Sharma, O Yañez, M Alegría-Arcos, A Kumar, RC Thakur, ...
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 142, 106022, 2020
Influence of BSA on micelle formation of SDBS and CPC: An experimental–theoretical approach of its binding properties
V Sharma, P Cantero-López, O Yañez-Osses, C Rojas-Fuentes, A Kumar
Journal of Molecular Liquids 271, 443-451, 2018
The role of the [CpM (CO) 2]− chromophore in the optical properties of the [Cp 2 ThMCp (CO) 2]+ complexes, where M= Fe, Ru and Os. A theoretical view
P Cantero-López, L Le Bras, D Páez-Hernández, R Arratia-Pérez
Dalton Transactions 44 (46), 20004-20010, 2015
Protein-surfactant interactions: A multitechnique approach on the effect of Co-solvents over bovine serum albumin (BSA)-cetyl pyridinium chloride (CPC) system
V Sharma, O Yañez, C Zúñiga, A Kumar, G Singh, P Cantero-López
Chemical Physics Letters 747, 137349, 2020
Combining edible coatings technology and nanoencapsulation for food application: A brief review with an emphasis on nanoliposomes
J Lopez-Polo, A Monasterio, P Cantero-López, FA Osorio
Food Research International 145, 110402, 2021
Theoretical study of new LmDHODH and LmTXNPx complexes: structure-based relationships
P Cantero-López, SM Robledo Restrepo, O Yañez, C Zúñiga, ...
Structural Chemistry 32, 167-177, 2021
The origin of phosphorescence in Iridium (III) complexes. The role of relativistic effects
P Cantero-López, D Páez-Hernández, R Arratia-Pérez
Chemical Physics Letters 685, 60-68, 2017
Removal of dyes by polymer-enhanced ultrafiltration: An overview
E Oyarce, K Roa, A Boulett, S Sotelo, P Cantero-López, J Sánchez, ...
Polymers 13 (19), 3450, 2021
Removal of nafcillin sodium monohydrate from aqueous solution by hydrogels containing nanocellulose: An experimental and theoretical study
P Cantero-López, M Godoy, E Oyarce, GDC Pizarro, C Xu, S Willför, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 347, 117946, 2022
Mixed micellization of bile salts and transglycosylated stevia and enhanced binding and solubility of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs using mixed micelle
A Srivastava, O Yañez, P Cantero-López
Journal of Molecular Liquids 311, 113341, 2020
Synthesis, characterization and relativistic DFT studies of fac-Re (CO) 3 (isonicotinic acid) 2Cl complex
C Zúñiga, DP Oyarzún, R Martin-Transaco, M Yáñez-S, A Tello, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 688, 66-73, 2017
Structural Characterization, DFT Calculation, NCI, Scan-Rate Analysis and Antifungal Activity against Botrytis cinerea of (E)-2-{[(2-Aminopyridin-2-yl) imino]-methyl}-4, 6-di …
A Carreño, D Páez-Hernández, P Cantero-López, C Zúñiga, ...
Molecules 25 (12), 2741, 2020
Tuning the molecular antenna effect using donor and acceptor substituents on the optical properties of the [(C 5 F 5) 2 ThMCp 2] 2+ and [(C 5 F 5) 2 ThMCpL 2]+ complexes, where …
P Cantero-López, D Páez-Hernández, R Arratia-Pérez
New Journal of Chemistry 42 (13), 11013-11022, 2018
A theoretical chemistry-based strategy for the rational design of new luminescent lanthanide complexes: an approach from a multireference SOC-NEVPT2 method
P Cantero-López, J Santoyo-Flores, A Vega, A Carreño, JA Fuentes, ...
Dalton Transactions 50 (38), 13561-13571, 2021
The role of zero-field splitting and π-stacking interaction of different nitrogen-donor ligands on the optical properties of luminescent rhenium tricarbonyl complexes
P Cantero-López, Y Hidalgo-Rosa, Z Sandoval-Olivares, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 45 (25), 11192-11201, 2021
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