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Aldo Delgado Hidalgo
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Entanglement sharing in the two-atom Tavis-Cummings model
TE Tessier, IH Deutsch, A Delgado, I Fuentes-Guridi
Physical Review A 68 (6), 062316, 2003
Measurement of prompt D meson azimuthal anisotropy in PbPb collisions at 5.02 TeV
CMS collaboration
arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.03497, 2017
Experimental quantum tomography of photonic qudits via mutually unbiased basis
G Lima, L Neves, R Guzmán, ES Gómez, WAT Nogueira, A Delgado, ...
Optics Express 19 (4), 3542-3552, 2011
Efficient bipartite quantum state purification in arbitrary dimensional Hilbert spaces
G Alber, A Delgado, N Gisin, I Jex
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Optimal conclusive teleportation of quantum states
L Roa, A Delgado, I Fuentes-Guridi
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Measurement of the CP-violating weak phase ϕs and the decay width difference ΔΓs using the Bs0→ J/ψϕ (1020) decay channel in pp collisions at s= 8 TeV
V Khachatryan, AM Sirunyan, A Tumasyan, W Adam, E Asilar, T Bergauer, ...
Physics Letters B 757, 97-120, 2016
Challenging local realism with human choices
BIG Bell Test Collaboration
Nature 557 (7704), 212-216, 2018
Hybrid photonic entanglement: Realization, characterization, and applications
L Neves, G Lima, A Delgado, C Saavedra
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Five measurement bases determine pure quantum states on any dimension
D Goyeneche, G Cañas, S Etcheverry, ES Gómez, GB Xavier, G Lima, ...
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Measurement-driven quantum evolution
L Roa, A Delgado, MLL de Guevara, AB Klimov
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G Alber, T Beth, C Charnes, A Delgado, M Grassl, M Mussinger
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Experimental minimum-error quantum-state discrimination in high dimensions
MA Solís-Prosser, MF Fernandes, O Jiménez, A Delgado, L Neves
Physical Review Letters 118 (10), 100501, 2017
Sagnac effect of Gödel's universe
E Kajari, R Walser, WP Schleich, A Delgado
General Relativity and Gravitation 36 (10), 2289-2316, 2004
Search for Evidence of the Type-III Seesaw Mechanism in Multilepton Final States in Proton-Proton Collisions at
AM Sirunyan, A Tumasyan, W Adam, F Ambrogi, E Asilar, T Bergauer, ...
Physical review letters 119 (22), 221802, 2017
Minimum tomography of two entangled qutrits using local measurements of one-qutrit symmetric informationally complete positive operator-valued measure
WM Pimenta, B Marques, TO Maciel, RO Vianna, A Delgado, C Saavedra, ...
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Control of quantum interference in the quantum eraser
L Neves, G Lima, J Aguirre, FA Torres-Ruiz, C Saavedra, A Delgado
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Device-independent certification of a nonprojective qubit measurement
ES Gómez, S Gómez, P González, G Cañas, JF Barra, A Delgado, ...
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FA Torres-Ruiz, G Lima, A Delgado, S Pádua, C Saavedra
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T Beth, C Charnes, M Grassl, G Alber, A Delgado, M Mussinger
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Quantum tomography via equidistant states
C Paiva-Sánchez, E Burgos-Inostroza, O Jiménez, A Delgado
Physical Review A 82 (3), 032115, 2010
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