Aleksandra Marsavelski
Aleksandra Marsavelski
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
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The quantum nature of drug-receptor interactions: Deuteration changes binding affinities for histamine receptor ligands
M Kržan, R Vianello, A Maršavelski, M Repič, M Zakšek, K Kotnik, E Fijan, ...
PLoS One 11 (5), e0154002, 2016
What a Difference a Methyl Group Makes: The Selectivity of Monoamine Oxidase B Towards Histamine and N‐Methylhistamine
A Maršavelski, R Vianello
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (12), 2915-2925, 2017
Supramolecular Ionic‐Liquid Gels with High Ionic Conductivity
A Maršavelski, V Smrečki, R Vianello, M Žinić, A Moguš‐Milanković, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (34), 12121-12128, 2015
15N NMR Spectroscopy, X-ray and Neutron Diffraction, Quantum-Chemical Calculations, and UV/vis-Spectrophotometric Titrations as Complementary Techniques …
RJ Schwamm, R Vianello, A Maršavelski, MÁ García, RM Claramunt, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 81 (17), 7612-7625, 2016
Catalytic dyad in the SGNH hydrolase superfamily: in-depth insight into structural parameters tuning the catalytic process of extracellular lipase from Streptomyces rimosus
I Leščić Ašler, Z Stefanic, A Marsavelski, R Vianello, B Kojic-Prodic
Acs chemical biology 12 (7), 1928-1936, 2017
Synthesis and characterization of ML and ML 2 metal complexes with amino acid substituted bis (2-picolyl) amine ligands
Đ Škalamera, E Sanders, R Vianello, A Maršavelski, A Pevec, I Turel, ...
Dalton transactions 45 (7), 2845-2858, 2016
Isolation, biochemical characterization and anti-bacterial activity of BPIFA2 protein
V Prokopovic, M Popovic, U Andjelkovic, A Marsavelski, B Raskovic, ...
Archives of oral biology 59 (3), 302-309, 2014
Utilization of the zebrafish model to unravel the harmful effects of biomass burning during Amazonian wildfires
S Babić, L Čižmek, A Maršavelski, O Malev, M Pflieger, I Strunjak-Perović, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 2527, 2021
Mannosylated adamantane-containing desmuramyl peptide recognition by the NOD2 receptor: a molecular dynamics study
A Maršavelski, M Paurević, R Ribić
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 19 (32), 7001-7012, 2021
A single amino acid substitution affects the substrate specificity of the seryl-tRNA synthetase homologue
A Maršavelski, S Lesjak, M Močibob, I Weygand-Đurašević, S Tomić
Molecular biosystems 10 (12), 3207-3216, 2014
Estimating risk of cardiovascular pharmaceuticals in freshwaters using zebrafish embryotoxicity test-statins threat revealed
G Matijević, S Babić, A Maršavelski, D Stipaničev, S Repec, ...
Chemosphere 313, 137574, 2023
Negative catalysis by the editing domain of class I aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
I Zivkovic, K Ivkovic, N Cvetesic, A Marsavelski, I Gruic-Sovulj
Nucleic acids research 50 (7), 4029-4041, 2022
Empirical Valence Bond Simulations Suggest a Direct Hydride Transfer Mechanism for Human Diamine Oxidase
A Maršavelski, D Petrović, P Bauer, R Vianello, SCL Kamerlin
ACS omega 3 (4), 3665-3674, 2018
Why Monoamine Oxidase B Preferably Metabolizes N-Methylhistamine over Histamine: Evidence from the Multiscale Simulation of the Rate-Limiting Step
A Maršavelski, J Mavri, R Vianello, J Stare
International journal of molecular sciences 23 (3), 1910, 2022
Optimized SQE atomic charges for peptides accessible via a web application
O Schindler, T Raček, A Maršavelski, J Koča, K Berka, R Svobodová
Journal of cheminformatics 13 (1), 45, 2021
Topic Popovic, N.; ˇCož-Rakovac, R.; Trebše, P. Utilization of the zebrafish model to unravel the harmful effects of biomass burning during Amazonian wildfires
S Babic, L ˇCižmek, A Maršavelski, O Malev, M Pflieger, I Strunjak-Perovic
Sci. Rep 11, 2527, 2021
Nanosized zeolite beta-Determining the safety of usage by zebrafish Danio rerio embryos
A Palčić, S Babić, A Maršavelski, M Galić, NT Popović, IS Perović, ...
Microporous and mesoporous materials 299, 110103, 2020
The origin of specificity and insight into recognition between an aminoacyl carrier protein and its partner ligase
A Maršavelski, M Močibob, I Gruić-Sovulj, R Vianello
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (29), 19030-19038, 2015
A novel antimicrobial target—expanded and revisited mode of action of pantothenamides
A Maršavelski
RSC advances 6 (50), 44888-44895, 2016
Importance of protein intrinsic conformational dynamics and transient nature of non-covalent interactions in ligand binding affinity
M Kekez, V Zanki, I Antičević, J Rokov-Plavec, A Maršavelski
International journal of biological macromolecules 192, 692-700, 2021
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